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Rockingham Road Vets has been serving the local community and their pets for over 20 years. We pride ourselves on providing a friendly, personal service – ensuring treatments are tailored to you and your pet – after all, each pet is unique!

We are a full service veterinary practice, and have digital x-ray and laboratory facilities on site. This enables us to provide you with results quickly. Due to being part of the Caring Vets Group means we have access to local referral and specialist services – including Orthopaedics, Laser Therapy and much more. For you and your pet, this means less travelling time and lower costs, with the specialist service having direct access to your pet’s records.

Rockingham Road has recently undergone a refurbishment. We now provide a separated dog and cat waiting area. Having these separate areas has dramatically reduced the stress levels for our feline patients and their owners; allowing a calmer waiting environment. We also use Adaptil and Feliway in our waiting rooms. Within these areas you will find a selection of food, toys and other goods that we feel are ideal for your furry friends.

Please feel free to pop in and meet us, we will happily give you a tour of the practice, and introduce you to the team.

We look forward to meeting you.


Puppy Classes

We run Puppy Socialisation Classes in our sister practices, based either in Corby, Kettering or at our Animal Medical Centre in Northampton. These classes are run by our qualified nurses, who have a vast range of knowledge, experience and qualifications to help you give your puppy the best start in life. The Puppy Socialisation Classes are available discounted to those who take out 3 sessions as a group. Please contact your practice for more details and to check availability.


A Dignified End

Euthanasia, or ‘good death,’ is a dignified end to your pet’s life and a service that we offer; and do so in an empathetic way. It is a very difficult decision to make, but here at Caring Vets we can help you make such a decision if the situation arises.

Remember though, it is always best to consider it sooner rather than later when faced with a terminal condition or something that cannot be managed appropriately. We always advise you to put yourself in your pet’s position, ask yourself what you would wish if you were them at that point in time. Does your pet have a good quality of life? Will they recover easily? What are the complications long term?

We will never rush you with this decision, and will spend time guiding you through the process and discuss all the pros and cons. All of our staff have experienced the same with their own pets and can totally relate to you when the time comes.

The service we offer at Caring Vets range from the basic euthanasia with your pet going for a communal cremation, to you taking your pet home with you, to individual cremations meaning you can get their ashes returned to you. We can even attend you at your own home if this is a more appropriate environment for you/your pet.

Wherever it is done we always encourage you to bring a few friends and/or family members for support. Failing that our clinical team will be here for you.

Everything is explained prior to euthanasia and the specific method we would use for your pet. The majority of the time it is a simple injection into their vein, where they only feel a little scratch then drift off to sleep. Other methods may be needed if access to their veins are not possible, or depending on the species of your pet. In every situation there is no pain/suffering involved.

You have the choice to be present or indeed step outside while it is done, whatever makes you more comfortable.

After your pet has passed away you are welcome to spend time with them saying your final goodbyes.

Remember, staff at Caring Vets will always be there to support you, even if you need to chat days-weeks after the euthanasia. Alternatively, you may need more support and as such we would recommend speaking to someone at The Blue Cross.

If circumstances dictate your pet needs to be seen out of hours please click here which will take you to our dedicated out of hours service.


Out of Hours

Many Caring Vets Practices subscribe to a specialist emergency out of hours care provider. Please check with your local Practice to understand what you will need to do in the case of an emergency when the Practice is closed for the evening or weekend.

For additional information on the out of hours service provided please click the link below:



We appreciate that it can be difficult at times to cover the cost of emergency veterinary treatment. For cases where such assistance is needed we can offer flexible payment plans that help take care of unexpected veterinary bills.

There is strict eligibility criteria for this service. Please always speak to any member of staff before you commence treatment if you are going to need help financially. We will always provide an estimate for any treatment if you request it.


Health Care Reminders

In order to keep your pet in the best health it is important to keep on top of their preventative healthcare.

We offer a reminder service to enable you to do this. We can send a reminder by text or email, we simply require you to provide us with up to date contact details.

Doing this also ensures you will be first to know about any any discounts and offers on the treatments required. 



Pet Insurance

There is an old adage that “you never miss insurance until you need it,” and this is especially appropriate with your pets.

We have the NHS and do not appreciate the costs involved in our medical care. We attend the Drs, or the Hospital, have investigations, get treatments and then head home. The most you spend may be just the prescription fee.


Unfortunately, there is no animal NHS, and all Veterinary medicine is private; meaning you must pay at the time of consultation/treatment. We, as a practice, do not just see your pet as a £ sign, that’s not how it works. However, medical care costs a lot of money.

In our profession the RCVS ensures that we must provide appropriate emergency care to any animal to help ease suffering. This may even mean euthanasia if things cannot be afforded.


If you have insurance for your pet, you have many more options in how you can treat your animal. Some surgeries and investigations can cost thousands of pounds, and without insurance you may not have the choice to go ahead with them. For regular monthly payments you have that peace of mind that there is support there for you.


So, with this in mind you may be wondering who to choose? After all there are a lot of companies to choose from. We always recommend using Pet Plan. They focus 100% on pet insurance and provide the widest range of cover. This of course depends on the type of policy you take out.


All staff at Northlands has undergone Pet Plan training and can advise you further, tailoring your cover to suit your own situation. We even offer 4 weeks free insurance as part of our Perfect First Steps package when you acquire a new pet.


Feel free to ask us about any aspect of Pet insurance to find out more.



To see guidance of policies available please click these links: for dog insurance. for cat/kitten insurance.


Please note these are for guidance only and you will need to contact Petplan to discuss your requirements in full.



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  • Mr Paul Houghton B.VetMed MRCVS

    Mr Paul Houghton B.VetMed MRCVS

    Veterinary Surgeon

    Veterinary surgeon for 39 years, owned and ran practices in Uppingham, Kettering and Corby.

  • Miss Denise Porter

    Miss Denise Porter

    Theatre Nurse

    I have been working for Mr Houghton for over 12 years, in that time completed a course in Anaesthesiology. My hobbies are horses, helping at my friends farm and going on holiday.

  • Miss Nicola Miller

    Miss Nicola Miller

    Trainee Veterinary Care Assistant

    I started working at Rockingham Road Vets in January 2017. I previously worked at a boarding kennels for 3 years after I had studied Animal Welfare and Management at Moulton College. I have 1 dogs, and 2 rabbits. In my spare time I enjoy going on holidays, going to dog shows and taking my dogs on long walks. I am currently studying for my VCA qualification.

  • Aisleen Gribben

    Aisleen Gribben