Perfect 1st Steps (1st Steps) is only available for dogs & cats.
1st Steps is available to purchase from the point that an animal becomes registered with the Practice.
1st Steps is only valid for the animal it is purchased for, it is non transferrable. It becomes defunct on the passing of the animal and no refunds will be given.
The Practice will not send any reminders for any aspect of the package that has not been taken up.
Vaccinations and any form of treatment may only take place when the requisite time period has elapsed subject to current Practice policies on animal treatment.
1st Steps does not include any other vaccine that is not provided within our normal booster protocol.
1st Steps includes the Leukaemia vaccine.
If requested, the Kennel Cough vaccination is to be provided at the current reduced price if performed at the same time as the normal vaccination.
The Kennel Cough vaccination will be at full price if administered on its own.
1st Steps will include the vaccinations used under the current Practice protocol at the time and the vaccines administered cannot be dictated by the client.
The terms of 1st Steps can be varied by the Practice at any time if it is deemed necessary on the grounds of medical reasons and the decision of the Veterinary Surgeon is final
1st Steps includes the Practice approved vaccinations and a health check by the Veterinary Surgeon.
1st steps must be paid for in full at the 1st vaccination to be valid.
In the event that the age of the animal cannot be verified the Practice will advise its best estimate of the animals age, if the client disagrees, then in the absence of proof 1st Steps will not be offered.
The 1st Steps status of an animal can be transferred from an owner to a new owner if not completed whereby the new owner continues to receive the benefits of 1st Steps. However this only applies once the animal is microchipped.
The flea and worming treatment provided will be at the discretion of the Practice but will be Veterinary Strength and appropriate to the animal in question.
The free bag of food may vary depending upon stock availability.
50% of puppy socialisation & behaviour classes is strictly on a first come first serve basis.
The puppy classes are always at a location of the Practice choosing and may not necessarily be at your domicile Practice.
Free insurance only applies as long as supported by the underwriter.
The pet toy on offer may change depending upon stock availability.
This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.