1.       VIP Furever (VIP)has a seven day money back guarantee period allowing time to read the terms & conditions from original date of purchase.

2.       Under the money back guarantee if a Vaccination or any other product was provided at a reduction to its normal price due to the VIP purchase the difference to the products normal full price will be deducted from the refunded VIP value.

3.       VIP is only available for cats & rabbits.

4.       VIP is available to purchase within one calendar month of an animal’s 1st, 2nd or Booster vaccination.

5.       VIP remains valid for the life of the animal it is purchased for and is non transferrable.

6.       No refunds will be returned to the owner for any circumstance which includes the passing of animal or if a client moves away geographically.

7.       The Practice will where possible always try to send a reminder to the owner advising that their pets booster is due, however the Practice is under no obligation to do so.

8.       For your pets VIP status to remain active an animal must have received its booster within three months of the vaccination renewal date.

9.       If revaccination does not occur within three months of the due date then a full course of vaccinations will need to be taken. In this instance the full course will be charged for at the time of the 1st vaccination.

10.   Only when the 2nd vaccination has been administered will your pets VIP status be reinstated to comply where best with manufacturer guidelines.

11.   VIP is only available for cats after the purchase of a vaccination that includes Leukaemia.

12.   VIP will include the approved vaccinations used by the current Practice protocol at the time and the vaccines administered cannot be dictated by the client.

13.   The terms of VIP can be varied by the Practice at any time if it is deemed necessary on the grounds of medical reasons and the decision of the Veterinary Surgeon is final

14.   VIP includes only the vaccinations and a health check by the Veterinary Surgeon to assess the vaccination is suitable to be given, these are free of charge. Any further professional advice or consultation will be charged for. 

15.   VIP must be paid for in full at time of purchase to be valid.

16.   If a client has any financial balance for any pet outstanding whereby the client has been marked as a ‘bad debt client‘ then VIP will cease to be valid until the full amount outstanding has been settled and all debt collection costs associated.

17.   The Practice will keep a record of VIP members, however further validation is via a sticker on the animals vaccination certificate; this sticker must contain the Practice stamp, staff signature & date.

18.   In the event that the age of the animal cannot be verified the Practice will advise its best estimate of the animals age, if the client disagrees, then in the absence of proof VIP will not be offered.

19.   VIP is transferable to any approved Veterinary Practice that offers the scheme at no extra cost.

20.   The VIP status of an animal can be transferred from an owner to a new owner only if the animal in question is microchipped. VIP is not transferrable for non microchipped animals.

21.   This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

22.   All prices shown on printed and visual material is correct at time of going to press. The price for the package will be the price charged as per our internal price list on day of purchase.