Terms and Conditions

Unless stated all reference to Bug Buster (BB) also relates to Bug Buster+ (BB+)
Bug Buster (BB) is only available for dogs & cats.
BB is available to purchase from the point that an animal becomes registered with the Practice.
BB treatment may only take place subject to current Practice policies on animal treatment.
BB is a package that supplies the annual requirement for flea and worming prevention for the animal the prescription relates to.
The terms of BB can be varied by the Practice at any time if it is deemed necessary on the grounds of medical reasons and the decision of the Veterinary Surgeon is final
The flea and worming treatment provided will always be at the discretion of the Practice and appropriate to the animal in question.
The Practice will where possible always try to send a reminder advising that an animals next dose is due, however the Practice is under no obligation to do so.
The Practice will always attempt to provide the specific products as shown in the BB package, however the Practice for whatever reason reserves the right to amend these products with no notice but guarantees to provide products of a similar nature to cover all the aspects of protection of the original listed products.
BB will include flea and worm preparations used by the current Practice protocol at the time and the treatments administered cannot be dictated by the client.
BB does not require a health check by the Veterinary Surgeon.
BB+ requires a health check, in order for BB+ to be offered the animal in question MUST have received the health check and be given approval by a Veterinary Surgeon.
BB is dispensed according to weight, in an event where we have not been requested to weigh a pet we shall take the weight you advise as our guide and enter a note of this on your animal’s record card in kilograms.
BB is only available from 6 months of age
BB must be paid for in full at the time of dispensing to be valid, no credit is given.
The Practice will keep a record of BB members.
BB is transferable to any approved Veterinary Practice that offers the scheme for no extra cost. Any un prescribed treatments will then be prescribed by that Practice.
The BB status of an animal can be transferred from an owner to a new owner only if the animal in question is microchipped. Any unused BB is not transferrable for non microchipped animals.
This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.