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21st May 2018

Get the full facts about rabbits

Rabbit Awareness Week – improve your pet’s life

With Rabbit Awareness Week (RAW) on the 2nd- 10th June, what better time to brush up on your bunny knowledge and make sure your pet’s in top shape with a check-up at Cat & Rabbit Care Clinic?

Your rabbit’s life can be enriched by following these few simple tips put together by our head vet. If you still have questions after reading this we are always happy for you to contact us – and don’t forget to book that check-up.

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Top tips

Maybe you don’t have a rabbit but know someone who does, so please join in with RAW and forward this story to a rabbit-owning friend Northamptonshire.

1. Stimulation

Keep your rabbit from becoming bored by giving it plastic tubing or cardboard rolls to use as tunnels, and boxes and platforms for it to hide in or use as vantage points. It will also love to dig around in containers of soil.

2. Making friends

Pet rabbits love to interact with other rabbits, so if you can, keep two – taking the proper precautions if you don’t want any more. They also like to make friends with people so introduce them to plenty of humans while they’re young.

3. The right diet

RAW says rabbits need 85-90% of feeding hay and fresh grass every day as well as quality pellets, and fresh vegetables. They need plenty to chew on to keep their ever-growing teeth in check.

4. A comfy home

Rabbits like a nice hutch to hunker down in but also plenty of space to run around in. A run should be big enough for them to complete at least three full hops and stand up on their back legs.

5. Protection

You can have your rabbit vaccinated against Myxomatosis and there are easy treatments for parasites, such as ear mites and fleas. Your pet will love being groomed and you should regularly clean their hutch to avoid potentially fatal ‘fly strike’.

So there you have the Cat & Rabbit Care Clinic's top five tips for a happier, healthier rabbit, and we’re just on the end of the phone, 01604 478888, for all your other queries and to book an appointment.

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