Show your pet some extra love in Northampton

21st Feb 2020

Show your pet some extra love in Northampton

All pet owners love their pets on an ongoing basis, but on February 20 you get to show them even more how much you care for them as it’s National Love Your Pet Day. Aaaah!

It’s a bit like a Valentine’s Day for your furry – or indeed scaly or hairless – friends, a chance to push the boat out and do something a bit special. Our head nurse, Katie, and team at Cat & Rabbit Care Clinic think this is a great idea and have put their heads together to come up with some suggestions.

Of course, you’ll probably have plenty of innovative ideas of your own as to how you can make this day special for your pet, so we’d love to hear about them when you get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.

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Special treats to show your pet how much you care

Spa day. Spend some extra time grooming your pet – most love a good brush-out and while you’re at it you can give them a pedicure by checking over their nails and paws, and that facial can extend to the ears and teeth.

Date night. Turn off the TV and get out your pet’s favourite toys. Hide and seek, fetch, chase are all favourite cat, dog and rabbit games.

Walkies. If you’ve got a dog, why not find a new place to take them for a stroll? You’ll both get to enjoy exploring and enjoying different surroundings together.

Special meal. Prepare your pet’s favourite dish or make or buy in some high-end treats. Make sure they’re healthy though…

Those are just a few of the ideas coming from Katie and the team but we’d love to hear about your ideas too, so remember, you can share them on Facebook.

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