Safety tips for Valentine’s day for you and your pet

21st Feb 2019

Keep your dog safe on Valentine’s Day

Looking after your dog on Valentine’s day

Valentine’s day – it’s the most romantic day of the year and a traditional time for gift-giving amongst lovers and couples. But spare a thought for the potential effects on your dog if he gets into all those goodies – what is yummy for you and your loved one could be poisonous for him. So before February 14th rolls around again, read some of our handy tips, full of useful information about the dangers for your dog of some traditional Valentine’s day gifts such as chocolate, alcohol, sweets, flowers, and candles.

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It’s also a good idea to make a note of our emergency phone number here at Cat & Rabbit Care Clinic in Northampton (01604 478888) so that you can contact us quickly if you are worried that your dog may have eaten something harmful. We would always rather that you contact us unnecessarily, than have your dog become ill because he was treated too late.

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Valentine’s day presents for dogs

We all like to spoil our pets a bit, but if you want to give your dog a Valentine’s day treat, make sure that you steer clear of all those things that could be harmful. Safe alternatives to sweets and chocolate include:

  • A trendy collar
  • An ID tag
  • A new water or food bowl
  • A dog chew toy
  • Pet-friendly treats
  • A cuddly toy
  • A snuggly dogbed
  • Insurance for vet’s fees

Don’t let your Valentine’s day celebration end up with a visit to the vet - read our tips now, and keep your pet safe from poisons.

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