Introducing the Golden Oldies Clinics

21st Mar 2018

Neutering dogs: what you need to know

These are nurse-led clinics to introduce General Health Screening for your pets. There are four different packages on offer which allow a range of urine and blood analysis. All packages are a 30-40 minute one-to-one consultation with a nurse, who will guide you through the signs of ageing and how the veterinary staff can be of help. The nurse will give your pet a head to tail examination and can discuss any concerns that you may have. At the time of booking an appointment, you will be asked to fill out a pre-examination questionnaire of which the nurse will go into more detail with you during your appointment. You will be able to get any advice on; nutrition, mobility, health supplements and much more. We all know animals are masters at hiding illnesses, so these clinics are aimed to be a preventative. The packages are priced to save you around 50% on the specific diagnostics that are on offer.

Bronze – Health check and standard urinalysis

Silver – Health check, standard urine and blood analysis

Gold – Health check, standard urinalysis and comprehensive blood analysis

Platinum – Health check, standard urinalysis, comprehensive blood analysis and thyroid analysis

Prices start from £15.00

These clinics have dedicated time slots when they are available to book. If you would like more information on booking an appointment, please call into one of the branches or alternatively; email

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