Cat & Rabbit Clinic's top three tips for winter cat care

21st Dec 2018

Winter welfare for cats – our top three tips

There’s still lots of winter left – and if previous years are anything to go by, it’ll get a lot colder before the first signs of spring appear next year.

A lot of recent visitors to our Limehurst Square practice have asked our advice about how best to look after cats during winter – as most moggies are keen on the outdoors, which can present extra risks during the darker, colder months.

So, take a look below at our best tips for cat welfare this winter. Or, if you’d like some one-to-one guidance about a specific issue, please don’t hesitate to ask Katie or another of our vet nurses.

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Our top three tips for winter cat welfare

In our experience of caring for cats, we’ve found the following considerations to be extremely important.

  1. Is your cat warm enough? – Sadly, cats can die in unexpected cold snaps, particularly if they’re outdoors overnight. Keep an eye on how long your pet is staying outside during the day; and keep them inside at night-time. There may also be fireworks over Christmas and New Year that frighten your cat and make them want to run away – so to avoid an escape, make sure your house is secure and provide a safe, warm space indoors for them to hide.
  2. Will winter drivers notice your cat? – If you struggle to convince your cat to stay inside after dark, it’s wise to buy a reflective collar to help them be more visible. Winter is a common time for cats to be injured by vehicles, as driving conditions are more difficult; darkness falls early; and some cats may seek refuge in the warm areas of stationary cars (so check your neighbours’ cars as often as you can).
  3. Regular check-ups – If your cat has any health complaints, they may be more vulnerable during the colder months. We therefore recommend booking a check-up, if you haven’t visited us for a while – especially if your cat is very young or getting old. To book an appointment, simply give us a call on 01604 478888.

Plus, if your particular concern hasn’t been addressed in our summary, please get in touch to find out how we can help.

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